Day 5 | September 20th

Day 5 of Ayam VI will witness the screening of two documentaries: Once Upon our Time by Hichem Ben Ammar and How Bitter My Sweet by Mohamed Soueid, and one feature film from the Arab Cinema Heritage / Yasmine Khlat Retrospective: Dreams of the City by Mohammad Malas.

  • Once Upon our Time  Once upon a time… This story unfolds like a tale from the Tunisian nights. Gifted violinist Annas is just 11 years old when he wins a place at the elite Yehudi Menuhin Music School in London. The film follows him over the course of two years: from his discovery through his education with acclaimed worldwide violin teachers to his international appearances. His rise to fame will end up affecting his relationship with his family back in Tunisia.
    screening at 6PM


  • How Bitter My Sweet is a tale centered around six characters, four men and two women, from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Sudan living between Beirut and Sidon where they express their joys and sorrows as reflected in a shattered yet lyrical reality. screening at 8PM, in the presence of the director and crew


  • Dreams of the City Damascus, the fifties. A child observes the transformations that shake both Damascus on a political level and his family that has moved from Quneitra to the house of his tough grandfather. The child would have to face several obstacles: from entering school, to fighting with his grandfather, his mother’s failed marriage, and the echoes of the boiling political movements in the entire country.
    screening at 10PM


>> Cinema Days of Beirut full program

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