September 18th, 2010

4pm to 6PM: World Cinema Fund presentation

6:30PM: “Back To One’s Roots” by Bilal Youssef

8PM: “Zindeeq” by Michel Khleifi (in the presence of the director)

9.30PM: “Missing” by Siwar Zirkly – 16′

followed by

Students’ Night


Tomorrow, September 19th

5PM: “Fertile Memory” by Michel Khleifi (screened in the presence of the director)

7.30PM: “Nahla” by Farouk Beloufa (in partnership with Aflam – even though Nahla is an Algerian production, the film has entirely been shot in Lebanon more than 30 years ago, with Lebanese actors as well as crew recruited on the spot. Screening in the presence of the director and the film crew)

10PM: “Neighbors” by Tahani Rached

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