Day 9 | September 24th

Day 9 of Ayam Beirut Al Cinema’iya is expected to attract many crowds, so kindly make sure to be at Cinema Metropolis Empire Sofil – Achrafieh early to book your seats!

On the program:

  • Carte Blanche to BBC Arabic
    Jews Of Lebanon (45’)
    The movie is about memories related by Jews who lived in Lebanon and migrated to various destinations, and by Lebanese who lived in the Jewish neighborhood in Wady Abu Jamil and Sidon. The shooting of the movie took place in Beirut, Sidon, Israel as well as Mexico and Canada. Years after their immigration, what do Jews of Lebanese origins think of their homeland? What do they still remember about it? How do they live with their past? Is there anything left of them in Lebanon? And how are they perceived there?
    screening at 6PM, in the presence of the director Nada Abdelsamad

  • We Were Communists (84’) A reflection on the intersecting destinies of comrades who were once bound by ideologies and remain tightly knit friends, We Were Communists is Maher Abi Samra’s uninhibited examination of the legacy of Lebanon’s civil war and its post-war present. Four men recount their stories from the battlefield, their broken dreams, and their eventual disillusionment in light of the country’s ongoing unsettled crises.
    screening at 7.30PM, in the presence of the director Maher Abi Samra

  • The Long Night (94’) Through one night, one long night, three political prisoners are released from jail. They return to their lives and their families, some of whom chose, voluntarily, to be in exile, while others had to pay a very expensive price for staying: shunning, isolation and marginalization. Waiting for the daylight, another prisoner, who hasn’t been released, lives in a long night, with the hope that this night will one day come to an end.
    screening at 10PM, in the presence of the director Hatem Ali

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