One Minute with Yahya Alabdallah


A short interview with filmmaker Yahya Alabdallah, who was in Beirut for the screening of his feature film ‘The Last Friday’ on Sunday March 17 2013.
Yahya Alabdallah speaks about his fascination with short films and the importance of the screenwriting phase.

Ayam Beirut Al Cinema’iya – 7th Edition – TVC


الإعلان الترويجي لمهرجان أيام بيروت السينمائية – الدورة السابعة – من ١٥ الى ٢٤ آذار (مارس) ٢٠١٣ في سينما متروبوليس أمبير صوفيل، الأشرفية

Promotional spot for the 7th edition of Ayam Beirut Al Cinema’iya – Cinema Days of Beirut – 15 – 24 March 2013 at Metropolis Empire Sofil – Achrafieh

Produced by Blackbird FX
Visual Effects Ralph Karam | Sound Design Shadi Abi Chacra